Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nov. 3rd at Backspace! Nov. 6th at Ella St! CA tour! Album news, etc.

We are excited to be playing this coming Saturday, November 3rd, at Backspace in Portland, OR. It will be our first show at Backspace and I do like the vibe of the place, and also our drummer Mark from San Francisco will be here for the show!  We have been practicing a lot and we have also been practicing a brand new song called SunMoon that we might try to play. We're playing with Miss Massive Snowflake and The Blacklights!

We are also playing a few days later, on November 6th at Ella St. Social Club with Pinscape and Cober. It will also be our first time playing at Ella St., and I am looking forward to hearing the other bands. It was supposed to be with A Shoreline Dream from Colorado but they unfortunately had to cancel their tour. Bummer! But it happens.

We are also working on some dates in California in December. November will see the final mixing of our upcoming album, which will be self-titled. I am excited for my steel drumming and flute tooting to get the royal treatment. Not to mention the guitars, bass, drums, and singing!

That's it for now.. Links:
Space Waves

Miss Massive Snowflake

The Blacklights




Ella St. Social Club

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