Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our album is out!

Our 4th full length album, NIGHT TIL DAY, is officially out and available to stream/download or, better yet, purchase on vinyl!! We made 100 copies on 180 gram vinyl. The jackets are screenprinted and it also comes with a lyric sheet insert designed by our drummer. 

I just looked back at our show history and noted that our first show with our drummer Brandon was Nov. 24th, 2013, so we probably started playing with him a couple of months before then, and that was probably around when we started working on new songs for our album. So it really has been almost 3 years since we began writing these songs to finally having them out! Of course, 7 months of that was simply waiting for the pressing plant. 

We recorded this album with Larry Crane engineering, and we were very insistent on recording all analog, meaning we used tape every step of the way, from recording to mixing to mastering to pressing the vinyl. There was absolutely no digital conversion anywhere along the way (except to get the songs streaming online). This was an experiment we wanted to try and we are glad we did it.

We have two album release shows planned: Saturday Aug. 13th at the Prospector in Long Beach with Nectarine and Rats in the Louvre and Saturday Sept. 3rd at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco with Slowness and Lavender Blush.

We also have a video for the first track off the album, "Violet Leaves." Watch it here:

If you go to our Bandcamp page and click on the individual songs, you will find lyrics on some of them. The album has 11 songs. I will leave it at that for now...Oh here's a mockup of a logo I came up with. If we get around to making it look good enough we'll make up some stickers and stuff with it!

Oh one last thing. We were guests on Rebirth of Rock radio show on last week and that was a lot of fun! Thanks Jody and Judy for having us on.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, July 31, 2015

recording begins next week, 8/20 show in long beach

Next week we begin recording our next album, tentatively called "Night 'Til Day" (also the name of one of the songs). It will have 11 songs: Night 'Til Day, Unrelated, 31 Down, Aaronsong, Violet Leaves, Flamethrower, Cosmic Cave, Moonsayer, Alone Again, Place of Mind, Won't Get There (not necessarily in that order). We're not sure how we will release it at this point but we are hoping to make around 50 copies on vinyl and maybe have some other formats as well, but maybe not. Frankly we are not all that hip with all the digital streaming services and we are growing a bit (more) disillusioned with the Internet as a means to share our music. We will likely have one or  two songs that we put up online but in the interest of making the physical album something special we may hold off on putting everything up online. It is certainly an interesting time we live in and the idea that bands are supposed to bend over backwards getting their music out there isn't necessarily one we subscribe to, but having one or two songs up is fairly obvious and easy enough to do. Beyond that it tends to get confusing and frustrating for us and there is only so much time in the day. Anyway I'll try not to think about all that and just focus on getting good recordings of these songs. Having a few days off to focus on our music is truly something that brings us great joy and helps get us through life! 

I may as well also say that we have a show booked for August 20th in Long Beach at 4th St. Vine with the band Balms from San Francisco: It is free and we are on first at 8pm.

We will also have a newish song released on a comp soon. It's a remix that Kelley did of a cover of the Doors "5 to 1" that we recorded awhile back. We have a different version of that song on a different comp but this one is not only a different cover version but the remix really is a radical interpretation of the recording and we think it is super cool :) 

We will probably post updates from our recording session on Instagram (username: spacewaves) and our Facebook page ( and perhaps even Twitter @sarahspacewaves if anyone is interested in that! 

Thanks and until next time.... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

4th album plans, Sing My Song cassettes, etc

Time for another update! 
We are solidifying plans to record our 4th album in early August. Larry Crane will once again be recording us and we will record on 2" tape. We will get basic tracking done in Los Angeles and then finish it up in Portland. Super excited for this, we have been working very hard to make this happen! 

Also Leg Records will be releasing our album Sing My Song on cassette and they will be available very soon!! Maybe even in time for our next show June 7th at Alex's Bar! This will be a fun show so come on out if you can. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sing My Song vinyl available! Demos for 4th album up!

Kelley reminded me that I haven't updated here in awhile, so here goes.
We got our records in! We ordered 250 copies of our 3rd album 'Sing My Song,' which was recorded and mixed by Larry Crane and mastered by Garrett Haines. 
They're available for $15 + shipping through our Bandcamp page, or from us in person. Copies can also be found at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach, CA, Third Eye Records also in Long Beach, Moldy Toes Records in San Clemente, McGreat Records in San Clemente, Sound Spectrum in Laguna Beach, Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, and Vacation Vinyl in Silver Lake! We still have a few CDs available too.

We were guests on the Doug and Judy Radio Show out of Long Beach Community College, and that was a lot of fun! 

We have been working on new songs for another upcoming album, still untitled. It will be our 4th full length album. It will be our first album with Brandon Werts joining us on drums. We currently have five demos of that album up on bandcamp here:

We got a couple of reviews in OC Weekly and L.A. Record, which was exciting for us.

Lastly but not leastly, we played a couple of shows in Long Beach, at the Prospector and at Alex's Bar. We also played at the Virgil and probably a few other spots in L.A. since I last updated. Here we are at the Prospector:

 I think that's about it for now. We don't have any shows booked right now since we are focusing on our new songs and getting demos recorded. We would like to go up to San Francisco next year and maybe some other spots, like Joshua Tree perhaps! 

Thanks for reading/listening!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We're getting vinyl!

We are so happy to finally get some of our music pressed onto vinyl! After much researching, hemming and hawing it looks like we're getting 250 copies of our upcoming album Sing My Song on vinyl. We've been wanting to get vinyl ever since we started the group nearly six years ago but it never happened until now, so for us this is very special. Because of time constraints we decided to cut one song ("Broken") as well as two of the three short instrumental pieces. So the vinyl tracklisting will be a little different from the CD version but we think it still has a nice flow to it.
Vinyl tracklisting

CD tracklisting

We already ordered the CDs, of which we're getting 100, and we'll order the vinyl soon. Then hopefully we'll be able to play some shows locally and go on some tours.