Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December California shows and stuff

We are playing some shows in California around our holiday travels. So far we have:

December 20th at the Hemlock in San Francisco with Venus Beltran and In Letter Form
Dec. 21st downtown LA TBA

Dec. 22nd at 5 Star Bar with Old Toy Trains, Heroes and Heroines, Nicholas Chacon and DJs

Dec. 27th Audie's in Fresno with Dia Del Astronauta and Between The Cities Are Stars

Okay that's about it for that.....our album is done, we just have to do the artwork and decide on a title. And get it pressed up or distributed in some manner. I'm already moving on to our next album but guess we need to get this one all dressed up and ready for a night on the town first, or whatever...but we already have the makings of about six or so songs, some more complete than others. Actually I want this upcoming album to be more like a satisfying meal than anything else. A nice familiar meal that somehow stays exciting. I don't know. Music is weird. I've been into drawing lately. I like to use these oil pastels, the greasy kind. Well I'm trying to do 30 days of drawings based off a 3-card Tarot reading. I've done two and I am looking forward to making another one tomorrow. We'll see how long until I lose interest! The one above is the one from today. I like that shape a lot. I used the Crowley Thoth deck for this one. I had already drawn the outline of that shape, and then I spread the deck over it and selected the cards. 

I feel like making a list of things that are good.
Or should I say good dreams and good sleep
Tacos, crunchy
Adjustment, like to the temperature
All the colors/eyes
Feeling okay
Time and its layers

Ok I'm done. рдв़ whaaat 

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