Friday, October 12, 2012

Blahdy Blah..

Writing is funny, it's like the more I think about what to write, the lesser my chances of actually writing anything are. I really just have to go with it. Anyway tonight we played at the Star Theater in Portland with Io Echo and We Are Like the Spider. It was really cool, as in both of those bands were awesome...but the turnout was just not good.  I'm not complaining for us at all..we are used to small audiences after all!  But both those other bands were super good and I think Portland missed out on a great show tonight.  It's funny, after moving from California back to Oregon, and being able to compare the two...for us San Francisco seems to be the city where the most people come out.  I don't know why, but we have always had the best turnout there.  We live out in the countryside outside of Portland so it's not like we are right in the city, and if we were maybe we'd be able to flier/promote more...but I dunno, I feel like people here just like their gentlemen's clubs.  There just aren't as many people in Oregon as there are in CA.  But I think probably the best thing about playing out in Portland is that bookers don't seem to have near as many restrictions as they do in LA and SF regarding how often your band can play out.  I haven't come across any restrictions like that yet, but in LA and SF it is pretty common.  So we are trying to take advantage of that!  In fact we booked a show tonight on our way to the Star Theater for Nov 3rd at Backspace.  I'm not really convinced that our music could ever be very popular but I do enjoy the experience of playing out, and I am thankful for it!  Ohh anyway let me see. LA is weird bc there are so many bands (not to mention people and things going on in general) so it is easy to feel lost in the shuffle.  I mean I haven't even been able to get us a show in my hometown of Long Beach, so competition must be tough. We did have a show once lined up at the Prospector but got booted off the bill. Oh well.  Jeez it's 3am and I am up writing.  Been awhile since I've done that!  I keep finding dead snakes in our driveway and it bumming me out some. They are these little black snakes. I found a live one in the road the other day and it went off in the plants.  They seem to like the driveway.  Partly why I fantasize about existing on a different planet is precisely that things like this bum me out! I need to get over these things.  Every living thing dies, okay, and if it happens to all of us, and every animal, and must not be that bad.  I still have a hard time eating meat, even though I know my body likes it, I just always think about the animal that it was, and how it's dead now.  It is weird.  Ok I'm tired.  

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