Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We're getting vinyl!

We are so happy to finally get some of our music pressed onto vinyl! After much researching, hemming and hawing it looks like we're getting 250 copies of our upcoming album Sing My Song on vinyl. We've been wanting to get vinyl ever since we started the group nearly six years ago but it never happened until now, so for us this is very special. Because of time constraints we decided to cut one song ("Broken") as well as two of the three short instrumental pieces. So the vinyl tracklisting will be a little different from the CD version but we think it still has a nice flow to it.
Vinyl tracklisting

CD tracklisting

We already ordered the CDs, of which we're getting 100, and we'll order the vinyl soon. Then hopefully we'll be able to play some shows locally and go on some tours.

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