Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Story behind album art (in progress)

I'm getting ready to finish working on our album art and thought I'd write a little bit about it.
One day a year or two ago, back when we lived in the Oregon countryside, there was a big frog sitting on our walkway. I took several pictures of it and later on I drew a picture from one of the photos. Sometimes I like to incorporate words into my drawings and the phrase "sing my song" came to me while making the picture, so I wrote that next to the frog. Later on I thought it would be a good album title--or maybe Kelley did, I can't quite remember. I liked the idea of animals having a song, of it being something unique to them, their own way of communicating. It's something that can never be taken away. That is what is empowering to me about playing music and writing songs. No one is going to write your songs for you, or sing them for you. If you have them in you it's up to you to get them out somehow! I also love frog sounds, and I wasn't surprised when I saw online that a frog sound was voted the most beautiful sound in the world. At first I thought a frog was kind of a funny thing to put on an album, but more and more things like that happened that made it make more and more sense to me. We also went through a Led Zeppelin phase and they have the lyric 'sing my song' in....let me look it up....Ramble On. Well ok.

Another thing about the drawing is that it looks like the frog has three legs. Two on its right side and one in the back. That was just what it looked like in the photo I drew from because of the perspective. That back leg kind of bothers me because it looks like it has one big mondo leg in the back. But when you look at the original photograph it makes sense, because that's actually what it looks like in the picture. I guess a little wonkiness is all right because I am not the type of person to claim perfection or even seek it. I like the energy of the colors and what it brings up for me. That was the only time I saw a frog on that property though I could hear them once in awhile in the creek behind the house.

I'm hoping I can do the artwork myself but I'm also stressing out about it. I kind of want to take the frog drawing somewhere and take a picture of it with a background, like maybe the beach. I'm not too sure though and I'm totally procrastinating. We have everything else done so the art is the last step. I might need to get some help or else I might not ever finish it!
Another thing foretelling about the drawing is the two drops in the upper right corner, another random thing I added in. We have a song called Bleeding Tears (the song was written after I made the drawing) and hey that red drop could be a bleeding tear. 

I know the drawing is not perfect and maybe it's not even good at all. It is what it is and that's all I can say. Thank you froggy.

I also made this for our song Jupiter In A Bottle.

We had a song we were working on that had no title. The phrase "Jupiter in a bottle" came to me and I thought it would be a good song title and that it would work for that song. In astrology Jupiter can represent expansive energy, being a giant gas planet, and well if you listen to the song I think it fits. I wrote a report on Jupiter in the second grade. I always thought it was so beautiful!

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