Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Info on our new album

You Can Ride A Beam Of Light Like A Musical Strum is the second full-length album from Space Waves, to be released in 2013. The core duo of Sarah and Kelley Bourland are joined by Mark Loftin (Foxtail Somersault, Morning Spy, Shawerma) on drums for this album. Drums, bass, and initial guitar tracks were all recorded live by Kelley over a weekend, with additional guitar, vocals, flute and tenor steel pan added later. In this spirit of capturing a live performance, two previously released songs, "Shadowtree" and "In the Shadows," were re-recorded for this album. The title of the album was received during a communication with Sarah's childhood cat through pet psychic Laura Stinchfield on her radio show. 

Kelley Bourland - guitar, vocals
Sarah Duni Bourland - bass guitar, vocals, flute, tenor steel pan
Mark Loftin - drums

Recorded by Kelley Bourland.
Mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon.
Mastered by Garrett at Tree Lady Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1. Turns
2. Snakestone
3. Bud's Theme
4. Eat the Shadows
5. Surprise
6. Stealin Time
7. Blue
8. Underworld
9. Shadowtree
10. In the Shadows
11. Vuelve


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