Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For Adam H. of Pehr, Pehrspace, Timonium

I'm writing this for our friend Adam Hervey, who last week at the age of 36 suffered a brain stem stroke. He is in the hospital recovering right now, and thank goodness his recovery is going well! I (Sarah) met Adam back around 2003 when I was music director at UCLA's radio station. He ran a record label called Pehr and he had sent the station a sampler CD of some different releases on Pehr. I really liked it and after looking at their website saw they were looking for interns. I ended up interning there and working there after college for awhile. Adam is also in a wonderful band called Timonium, which has been around since the 90s, if I'm remembering correctly! I was lucky to go on a US tour with them as their tour manager, and see such exotic locales as Fargo, San Antonio, and Wichita. During the time I worked at Pehr, I remember Adam talking about opening up a venue. Lo and behold, he did so a couple of years later, the all ages, non-profit music and art space Pehrspace. If that's not visionary then I don't know what is. Aside from his great love of music and community, Adam is just such an amazing, wonderful person. Anyone who meets him will tell you that. I have so many good memories thanks to him. I even started playing music again after meeting another Pehr intern and starting a band with him and some friends, after not playing any instruments in college. That was when I started playing bass at my friend's prompting, which I still play. And my bandmates got involved with Pehr and Pehrspace and still are. It is just crazy the domino effect that happens. Anyway, I am very grateful for these experiences and I have Adam Hervey to thank!

Some of Adam's friends set up this page to help him with donations for anyone who would like to donate. I researched it online and it seems legitimate, but if you are interested in donating I'd research it first to make sure you feel comfortable. Don't take my word for it! http://www.giveforward.com/friendsofadam

Here are some links to Timonium songs/videos and other Pehr related artists:

My old band Seven Times on the Sea
A Pehr band called Arco. I totally remember this song "Aliens". I forgot how much I like this band! 

Other bands on Pehr were Delaney, Grimble Grumble, Picastro, Mt. Analog, Languis, Sir, Empress to name a few. Lots of great music that I still love. And, wow, most of them you can't find on YouTube, imagine that. :)
Here's wishing Adam Hervey the best recovery possible.

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