Friday, March 4, 2011

we had a party. an out,er,space,party.

we had a party at mindwave a couple weeks ago. our friend nate of happy prescriptions and souvenir driver was in town, so we (me-sarah, kelley and simon) were his backing band and we played some souvenir driver songs and even a new song or two that nate came up with. i played drums on three songs. for two of them i played along to electronic drums but for one song i was the only drummer! i had not really planned on doing that but it happened and it was a lot of fun. it was my first time playing drums like that. strangers family band played and our neighbors' band common crooks i believe they are called. they keep changing their name! we put up a recording of strangers family band on the mindwave facebook page here: mindwave on facebook

wow i forgot how to make tags and links. also up on that page are some recordings of a jam session that kelley, simon, our friend gian and i did the other night. i really like how they turned out! i was taking a nap when simon and gian came over, and i was almost too tired to play but the nice thing about playing music where you live is you only have to walk twenty feet and plug the bass in. so we played and then i went back to sleep.

we are starting a bandcamp page for the studio. we have SO MANY RECORDINGS< OMG. seriously, we have so much music and don't know what to do with it! other than force people to listen to it when they come over? hey, want to come over?

oh yeah, back to the party. boyscout jamboree played too. they are spindrift acoustic. i was upstairs hanging with our dog blue while they played, but it sounded really good from where i was. and then space waves played some songs too--there are some recordings from that on the facebook page as well!

the very first space waves show kelley and i played was outdoors in a parking lot in portland. i like the outdoors shows. we are planning on having another one sometime soon!

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