Wednesday, January 12, 2011

some other things we've been up to

kelley at mindwave has been working with the cotillionaires... and he's also posted some of his electronic-synth music up on facebook... i'm not sure if this link will work but here it is:
you can also search facebook for white water (musician) and find it that way.

i loved his electronic music the instant i first heard it!

by the way we got the boot from our silver lake location and are now located in echo park. technically, i think it's filipinotown but it's pretty much echo park. there's a view of downtown and a courtyard with banana trees and dogs running around. we've been recording a cover of the doors song 5 to 1. i hadn't listened to the song in awhile when i recorded it and i sang some of the lyrics wrong... "i'll get yours, you'll get mine" instead of "I'll get mine, you'll get yours," for example. i'm okay with it though.

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