Friday, July 31, 2015

recording begins next week, 8/20 show in long beach

Next week we begin recording our next album, tentatively called "Night 'Til Day" (also the name of one of the songs). It will have 11 songs: Night 'Til Day, Unrelated, 31 Down, Aaronsong, Violet Leaves, Flamethrower, Cosmic Cave, Moonsayer, Alone Again, Place of Mind, Won't Get There (not necessarily in that order). We're not sure how we will release it at this point but we are hoping to make around 50 copies on vinyl and maybe have some other formats as well, but maybe not. Frankly we are not all that hip with all the digital streaming services and we are growing a bit (more) disillusioned with the Internet as a means to share our music. We will likely have one or  two songs that we put up online but in the interest of making the physical album something special we may hold off on putting everything up online. It is certainly an interesting time we live in and the idea that bands are supposed to bend over backwards getting their music out there isn't necessarily one we subscribe to, but having one or two songs up is fairly obvious and easy enough to do. Beyond that it tends to get confusing and frustrating for us and there is only so much time in the day. Anyway I'll try not to think about all that and just focus on getting good recordings of these songs. Having a few days off to focus on our music is truly something that brings us great joy and helps get us through life! 

I may as well also say that we have a show booked for August 20th in Long Beach at 4th St. Vine with the band Balms from San Francisco: It is free and we are on first at 8pm.

We will also have a newish song released on a comp soon. It's a remix that Kelley did of a cover of the Doors "5 to 1" that we recorded awhile back. We have a different version of that song on a different comp but this one is not only a different cover version but the remix really is a radical interpretation of the recording and we think it is super cool :) 

We will probably post updates from our recording session on Instagram (username: spacewaves) and our Facebook page ( and perhaps even Twitter @sarahspacewaves if anyone is interested in that! 

Thanks and until next time.... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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