Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our album is out!

Our 4th full length album, NIGHT TIL DAY, is officially out and available to stream/download or, better yet, purchase on vinyl!! We made 100 copies on 180 gram vinyl. The jackets are screenprinted and it also comes with a lyric sheet insert designed by our drummer. 

I just looked back at our show history and noted that our first show with our drummer Brandon was Nov. 24th, 2013, so we probably started playing with him a couple of months before then, and that was probably around when we started working on new songs for our album. So it really has been almost 3 years since we began writing these songs to finally having them out! Of course, 7 months of that was simply waiting for the pressing plant. 

We recorded this album with Larry Crane engineering, and we were very insistent on recording all analog, meaning we used tape every step of the way, from recording to mixing to mastering to pressing the vinyl. There was absolutely no digital conversion anywhere along the way (except to get the songs streaming online). This was an experiment we wanted to try and we are glad we did it.

We have two album release shows planned: Saturday Aug. 13th at the Prospector in Long Beach with Nectarine and Rats in the Louvre and Saturday Sept. 3rd at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco with Slowness and Lavender Blush.

We also have a video for the first track off the album, "Violet Leaves." Watch it here:

If you go to our Bandcamp page and click on the individual songs, you will find lyrics on some of them. The album has 11 songs. I will leave it at that for now...Oh here's a mockup of a logo I came up with. If we get around to making it look good enough we'll make up some stickers and stuff with it!

Oh one last thing. We were guests on Rebirth of Rock radio show on last week and that was a lot of fun! Thanks Jody and Judy for having us on.

Thanks for reading :)

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