Monday, September 17, 2012

New album, first Seattle show 9/22

Well I guess I am way long overdue for an update/ramble.
As far as band news goes, there is a lot on that front. We are finishing up our second full-length album. It is pretty much all recorded, and Kelley is going into Jackpot! Studios this week for a mixing session with Larry Crane. I think I want to call it either "Idiots" or "Inzbarbnatto," or maybe something else entirely. The tracklisting, which is subject to change (i.e., I can't remember the order, exactly), is:
1. Turns
2. Surprise
3. Stealin Time
4. Bud's Theme
5. In the Shadows (steel drum version)
6. Shadowtree (marker version)
7. Underworld
8. Snakestone
9. Eat the Shadow
10. Blue
11. Vuelve

Whew. And also Kelley has been writing some new new songs which we recorded last weekend with drums. I really like them...some remind me of Galaxie 500.
We are playing our first Seattle show this weekend at the Rat and Raven with Kingdom of the Holy Sun and the Purrs. Yep definitely excited about that!
And...what else. It is pumpkin milkshake season now, that is what!

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